Locksmith Services

UPVC Doors and Windows

  • You don't need a new door!

    If your Multipoint Locking Mechanism has failed, it does not mean you need a new door!
    We can open jammed doors and get your stiff UPVC door lock working like new. Alert Locksmiths carry a large selection of UPVC parts which often enables us to perform a first time fix, thus getting your door working quickly and at an affordable price.

  • UPVC Window Repair

    Alert Locksmiths always try to keep up with customers’ demands and recently we have had a lot of requests for new hinges and locking mechanisms for double glazed windows.
    With our customers in mind we have invested in specialist equipment that allows us to safely remove the window to carry out repairs from inside the property. There is no need for costly scaffolding or dangerously working up ladders, which reduces time and therefore saves you money. So if your windows are sticking, the hinges are worn or the handles need a face lift, just give Alert Locksmiths a call and we will be happy to discuss your needs.

  • Door Lock Problem

    Alert Locksmiths specialise in all manner of UPVC door lock and Multipoint Locking Mechanism problems. Whether you need new keys, to open a jammed door or wish to upgrade your security, give Alert Locksmiths a call and we will be happy to discuss the options with you.

  • Handles and Hinges

    Alert Locksmiths specialise in all aspects of UPVC door repair, we can replace door handles, letter boxes, fit new hinges to sagging doors and even replace damaged double glazed units.
    So no matter what your request Call our free phone number and we will endeavour to help.

Alert Price Guide

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